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Youth Entrepreneurship and Tourism for Social Development (YESTD) has been working cross-cultural experiences with highly effective leadership and empowerment. YESTD is creative platform for collecting youth vision and innovation to train the next generation to be compassionate and critical thinkers. YESTD has been offer various youth programs and activities focus on intercultural communication and community action. Social innovator and self creativity has promote youth opportunities, analysis challenges and solution find out. The youth delve into topics and explore customs, traditions and hardships of their peers around the world. Participants develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and an expansive world view which stays with them for life. We also conduct transformative short-term exchanges that focus on leadership, peace building, environmental stewardship, and more.

We designed to inspire and empower new generation from different community, social and cultural background across Nepal to pursue deeper level of training in technology through hands-on skills development. We have been conduct community youth building and inclusive social cohesion exchange programs for individual and social advancement. YESTD has support  high school students, school dropout student, unskillful and unemployed youth, community youth clubs and university students young leaders who have shown tenacity and courage in promoting social cohesion and creating positive social transformation opportunities for their peers. We offered in partnership with multi sector stakeholder for Youth Leadership Programs. Youth leadership training and exchange program for high/school students and youth generation around the world.

Youth development and leader exchange program building skills for community leaders. Young people worldwide are in need of tools to build inclusion, tolerance, community cohesion, and social inclusion. Building a network of youth practitioners who support and augment each other’s work at the local level unifies those working diligently for positive social change in challenging settings. The exposure of Nepalese youths to diverse communities in the Nepal provides a holistic view of social cohesion, inclusion practices, and a wide array of interventions practiced here. Nepal government and Youth organizations and individuals actively building community cohesion campaigns, creating models of economic and social justice programs, countering hate crimes, violence and discrimination offer the young leaders new insights, methods and resources to address issues in their home communities.

YESTD custom designs these exchanges for either high school or young adults. Resources for facilitating community dialogues, building cohesion campaigns, and organizing advocacy training will enable each participant to expand skills and envision new models of intervention for local conditions. The program brings participants from different geographic regions includes a strong focus on community and person-to-person engagement with multi cultural society. Participants visit both diverse and vibrant urban areas, and smaller communities struggling with loss of employment in traditional industries. Exchange activities demonstrate how federal, state, local governments, individual citizens, non-profit organizations, and community groups can address and create safe environments and support youth citizen engagement.


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