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Mr Ashit B.K. is Chief Executive Officer of YESTD. He has more than ten years working experience of social development sector in different NGOs /private and I organizations. He has a good leading capacity in organization, management and capacity to handle the critical situation. He can also play a vital role in teamwork and fund-raising. He has been working as a section head and administrative chief. Likewise, he has also involved in various research and programmes. BK has individually conducted youth professional programme and partnership project for youth development. In addition, he manages an overall function of office, administrative support to the representative by using extensive knowledge of organizational policy with a high level of technical skill. Mr. BK operates with a considerable independent judgment and initiative. He, maintaining a high degree of confidentiality, arranges the calendar of project, and coordinates with internal and external individuals to optimize time and to facilitate the exchange of information. In addition to his responsibilities as a senior member of the executive management team of the Corporation, he provides leadership to the Board to enhance Board effectiveness. The Board has ultimate accountability for supervision of the management of YPDSN.  He provides leadership and governance of the Board to create the conditions for overall the effectiveness of Board, and ensures that the Board discusses all key and appropriate issues in a timely manner.

Mr. Dipak Tharu is Chief Operating Officer of YESTD. He has more than 12-year- working experience in teaching field. Mr Tharu has designing programme, good coordination with staffs and so on. Besides this, he has worked as a volunteer at Micro Enterprise Development Nepal. He is quite interested in working as a social worker to advance the society and bring about the upliftment of Nepalese livelihood. Mr Dipak has been taking responsibility of M&E section, proposal writing and report writing. He has graduated in English and Rural Development from Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu. He is also holding MA English, MA Anthropology and BEd. in English from Tribhuvan University. He is responsible for M&E section, organization development and innovation work, programmes proposal writing and report writing committee leader of YESTD. He provides administrative and clerical support to the Board, through the timely and accurate collection and sharing of information directly related to its activities. He ensures that the Board is well informed and that its activities are well documented for the use of Board members, the Governance Committee and relevant government bodies. Board members work both individually and collectively in governing YESTD affairs through the development, approval and evaluation of policy and budget. He provides planning and implementation services to the Board. He acts on the board’s behalf in accordance only with board motions and policy guidelines and only as requested and in accordance with Board resolutions with respect to representation of the Society.

Mr. Prabin Shrestha is Programme and Research Officer of YESTD a young psychology and a public health professional. He has more than 10 years of working experiences in the field of health and development in Nepal especially in disease control and behavioral sciences. Mr. Shrestha completed his Master of Public Health (MPH) with Merit from Manchester Metropolitan Unviersity, UK and Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology (MA Psychology) from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. He has also concluded Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology (PGDCP) from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. He is involved in teaching public health and psychology in different colleges of Nepal. He is also associated with different national and international journals as an editor and peer reviewer. He is also involved with different youth related organizations. He was the member of the United States Youth Coucil (USYC) for 2013 in Nepal. He has participated in different national and international level trainings. His interests lies in research, teaching-learning and self-study. He has a great interest in music and traveling.

Mr. Manoj Dhungana is Liaison and Logistic Officer of YESTD. Mr. Manoj is adept at building rapport and making a good relationship with the governmental agencies and local stakeholders. His roles and responsibilities are really amendable because of his great contributions for the organization. He is endowed with constructive ideas to effectively implement the programmes for achieving the targeted goals. For the organization, he is a role model, who leads and directs staffs towards making progressive and fruitful program. Besides this, he undertakes the major responsibility to manage administrative functions and implement them systematically and effectively. He worked as a logistic officer at Health Research and Social Development Forum (HERD) based in Kathmandu, Nepal.          

Mr. Janak Raj Adhikari is a Admin and Finance Officer of YESTD. He has good knowledge and skills of an organization management and fund raising and human resource management, coordination as well as motivational power. He has been working for eight years in art and painting. He has also involved in different social organization as a consultant. As for his academic qualification he has completed BBs from Adikavi Bhanubhakta Multipul Campus, Tanahun. He is fully dedicated and active in order to lead YPDSN organization. Mr. Adhikari is fully responsible for handling organization operation, finance & human resource and social development sector.

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