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Youth Entrepreneurship and Tourism for Social Development (YESTD) is formal platform for young people’s participation on the development and employment prospects are essential elements in poverty reduction. YESTD long-term development objective of the project is to contribute to national and regional efforts for the improvement of youth economy and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, determining young people as key actors in local development. The YESTD aims to strengthen the capacities and the economical development of young. YESTD organized in youth groups will benefit from the project through participating in life skills and market oriented entrepreneurship training, and through expanding their networks and abilities to obtain funding for the development of their small enterprises. The project will improve young people’s abilities to network, their employment possibilities and possibilities to sustain group activities.

YESTD needs to be redressed by a concerted effort from the social partners, and from stakeholders at all levels. Young people not in employment, education or training. There is also a burgeoning body of international research about the scale and dimensions of the problem although less about how to resolve it. It has Analyze of the socio-economic context strongly suggests that enhancing young peoples’ innovative and creative capacity through non-formal learning, requires systematic, sustained and concerted action in four areas. The crucial support role played by the non-formal education workforce, especially youth workers, who are directly engaged with young people. Values like respect of life and nature, community, equality, multi-culture, healthy way of life and common responsibility lead our work. Our main actions like camp schools and other youth groups mainly base on non-formal and experimental learning in the arctic nature. YESTD is highly international center and remarkable meeting point of different cultures.

It works to intensify Nepal and international cooperation in the field of youth information work and services. It develops, supports and promotes quality generalist youth information policy and practice at all levels in order to meet the information needs of young people. YESTD has working collaboratively and with others to create a more equal and tolerant society where generations work together for the common good and the development of individuals and communities. Access to high quality and effective youth work practice. This is what we believe and this is what we aspire to. We can only achieve, this by working together with young people, Community Planning Partnerships, relevant organizations and other partners. YESTD is platform foundation to build upon. Changing the way public services are delivered is key to ensuring that young people continue to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and society.

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YETSD is about more than lectures and textbooks.

Our curriculum brings business studies to life through experiential learning, executed in real, market based scenarios. We introduce economic thinking for our youth to lead lives as thriving, productive citizens. .Our curriculum brings business studies to life through experiential learning

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Across Nepal, we look to the implementation of this strategy to underpin delivery of the Youth engagement and progression framework and in so doing to support a more consistent and integrated offer to young people.