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YESTD has support and promote to young people’s participation on the development and employment possibilities are essential elements in poverty reduction. The number of youth belonging to the Economically Active Population is Nearly, 50% of the total male population aged 16-25 years is economically active whereas for females of the same age group, this figure is around 42%. But in the age group of 26-40 years, the proportion of economically active population is nearly 94% for males and 66% for females. (Nepal Census 2011)

YESTD is learning hub for young people’s participation on the development and employment prospects are essential elements in poverty reduction. Considering this, the long-term development objective of the project is to contribute to national and regional efforts for the improvement of youth economy and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, determining young people as key actors in local development. The program aims to strengthen the capacities and the economical development of youth from different community, different background and culture. Youth groups will benefit from the project through participating in life skills and market oriented entrepreneurship training and through expanding their networks and abilities to obtain funding for the development of their small enterprises. The project will improve young people’s abilities to network, their employment possibilities and possibilities to sustain group activities.
The project will be implemented through the following strategies: enhancing youth groups’ knowledge and capacity on entrepreneurship, occupational and leadership skills and life skills, improving youth groups’ self-sustainability and social participation, creating a mode of operation and networking between youth groups. YESTD will be develop entrepreneurship cooperation with respected stakeholder to improve youth entrepreneurship and young people’s skills.

The Youth Entrepreneurship and Tourism for Social Development (YESTD) is support and designed to promote the development of entrepreneurial skills among young people; improve the levels of self-employment and entrepreneurship among young people, including the different forms of entrepreneurship within the framework of the social economy; eliminate barriers that hinder or prevent the transformation of entrepreneurial ideas of the youth population into concrete projects and promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture among young people. The training itinerary “Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge” includes differentiated actions. The student will be able to participate in a YESTD developed in an online and offline platform with very visual and didactic contents. If you wish to deepen in the thematic areas of the YESTD, you can join a program of personalized tutoring that will consolidate the knowledge provided in the training and adapt them to your own objectives or you will have the opportunity to join an this programme.

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