The World Diplomatic Organization (WDO), is an international network of Peace Diplomats, Social Activists and humanitarians, also known as (Diplomats Without Borders). It is a Non-Profit Charity organization founded with the objective to serve as a bridge between Peace, Diplomacy, Economy And Society. The organization is a fully-fledged large network of Volunteers with international membership status, serving as global representatives of the Organization in their home countries.

These Diplomats come together to develop strategic initiative on Diplomacy, Peace and Security, through the hosting of the annual World Diplomatic Summit, by engaging a large number of World Leaders and Policy makers and diplomatic members to provide strategic solutions to the most pressing issues facing the World.

Members of the World Diplomatic Organization believe that economic diplomacy provides a solid foundation for international understanding and a more peaceful interaction amongst nations. A thriving economy bringing prosperity to mankind is one of the best guarantors of peace. Based on this recognition, the World Diplomatic Organization has transformed its goal of promoting international understanding into an economic mandate. The organization welcomes individuals from diplomacy, leadership, economy, governance and society who enjoy high degrees of acceptance, high levels of expertise and who pursue the same visions and values.

The World Diplomatic Organization is driven by active members from diplomacy, Leadership, economy, governance and society who are honored and committed to help develop mutually beneficial business relationships, encourage intercultural relations, enhance international understanding and promote more peaceful relations amongst nations.

In a world that demands the intersection of Diplomacy, Leadership, governance and economic competency, social entrepreneurship, and diplomatic skills, a think tank uniting diplomacy and business is crucial. The World Diplomatic Organization (WDO), as an “Organization Diplomatiques” intends to promote alliance and cultural cooperation through the exchange of documents, the organization of conferences, concerts, and events of various kinds, and publications.

It promotes solidarity between people and individuals and the full realization of the basic rights of man, as inspired by the principles upheld by the United Nations Organisation. Its aim is to satisfy primary needs and in the first place to safeguard human life, work and the family, as the first and irreplaceable nucleus of society, and to remedy insufficiencies in the food supply to the refugees and war victims in asylums and to give the highest value to human resources.

WDO is a Diplomatic organization and humanitarian assistance and support to needy Nations and needy groups, our implementation projects in various countries of the world encompass a full support to support the needy communities and young people in situations of vulnerability. All our members are honorary members with a representative Humanitarian Ambassadorial status who represents the Organization with the authorities of their Countries of origin. We invite everyone to visit us and together we can add values and ideas for the enhancement of a better world.

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