Sociopreneurship Exchange Nepal

Sociopreneurship Exchange Nepal
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24/06/2019 - 28/06/2019 (All Day)
Kathmandu, Lumbini & Pokhara, Nepal

Developing social empathy and ability, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation of youth and student from Indonesia & Nepal. Enhancing mutual understanding and people to people engagement between student and youth from Indonesia & Nepal. Enhancing competitive spirit among student and youth to be able to face regional economic challenges; Generating spirit as the agent of change to be able to solve social problems in their society and surroundings; Facilitating student and youth from Indonesia & Nepal to exchange their ideas, cultures, as well as experiences in order to develop networking for social entrepreneurship.

Young Sociopreneurship Leaders Exchange Program 2019 – Nepal organizing in collaboration with Indonesian Youth Opportunities in International Networking (IYOIN) between YPDSN, Nepal. This Program going to held June 2019 in different (Sauraha, Lumbini, Pokhara & Tanahun – Kathmandu) places. This is good opportunity for learning and exchange your ideas for explore future.

The challenges most on our minds as practitioners grouped in four areas: (1) overcoming current attitudes and social norms, (2) being adaptive and staying one step ahead, (3) defining youth leadership, and (4) developing shared meaning, and widening access.

The main goal of the program is to develop capacity of youths on leadership, social
entrepreneurship, Tourism development, cultural exchange and rural education system of Nepal.
To meet the goal of the program, the following objectives have been put forward.

The Objectives of the program are:
1) To engage participants in exchange program with different youth groups and youth
led organizations
2) To facilitate leadership development among participants through collaboration with
various groups
3) To involve and visit to various sites with cultural importance within the country
4) To understand the rural education system in Nepal through site visits and interactions
5) To understand the tourism status of Nepal and its impact on economy

Program Visits
Participants will make visits to various places (Kathmandu, Sauraha, Lumbini, Pokhara and
Tanahun) and its vicinity to enhance their understanding of YSLE-related themes as well as to
have an opportunity to network with local youth groups.

Reflection and Synthesis
This session is designed to recap learning points of the past sessions, allowing participants to
share reflections with fellow participants and facilitators, and to link across different
sessions/segments. It is recommended that participants keep reflective journals during the

Cultural Exchanges
The cultural night is an opportunity to build a sense of community among participants while
sharing cultural elements and insights with each other. During the workshop, participants will
also explore Nepal and Indonesia, visiting some of its cultural heritage sites to examine the
cultural aspects of the city and to enhance the mutual understanding through culture.

It will start forming relationships with other young people as well as youth leaders.
To develop their skills, make adjustments to their ideas, and benefit many people on
their way to becoming recognized social entrepreneurs.
To provide an opportunity for young people to develop and develop traits which
provide them with valuable life skills that will facilitate their transition into adulthood
and benefit them throughout their adult lives.
To help young people to achieve their full potential as the best way to prevent them
from engaging in risky behaviors.
To give youth the chance to exercise leadership, build skills and get involved.
To facilitate a network for young social entrepreneurs enhances knowledge sharing,
collaboration and the collective discovery process between members.

Please you can join this program so feel free contact us and


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