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Better Work and Life Balance

People living a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives tend to be happier at home and on the job, leading to an overall win-win since one tends to impact the other.

After a relaxing vacation, workers are more likely to return to work ready to hit the ground running with a renewed sense of commitmentThis equates to better performance, more energy, and higher levels of creativity, all of which lead to innovative ideas to benefit the company.

Time off can stimulate creativity beyond just helping team members maintain their productivity and improve their performance. Taking time away from the office can help get creative juices flowing and may even help your people come up with your next big idea.

Even the most dedicated employees look forward to escaping on a vacation from work. As an employer, you aren’t required to provide time off for vacations, and you may be tempted to avoid the topic because of the particular hassles involved for small businesses. However, the benefits your business will reap from offering employees vacation time off can far outweigh the negatives, particularly if the proper plans are put in place.

Studies consistently show that employees value fringe benefits, such as time off, as much, if not more, than the amount of pay they receive. To attract and keep the most talented and loyal employees, employers cannot offer only the bare minimum of required benefits. As a matter of fact, small businesses often cannot pay as much as larger companies and benefits, such as paid vacations, can make up the difference. Not to mention that refreshed and recharged employees are likely to be more productive and focused.

You may be convinced that your employees should receive time off, but may not be sure that you need a formal vacation plan in place. Resist the urge to make your vacation policy one that consists of your employees asking for time off and you saying yes or no. Even if you have very few employees now, as your business grows and the amount of people you employ increases, it’s easy to see that a plan is best for all concerned.

The best way small businesses can continue to run smoothly and allow employees to take vacations is by planning and coordinating the time off. There are numerous ways to structure a vacation policy:

  • The amount of time and when it is taken can be based on the traditional seniority method.
  • A specified amount of time off can be allowed that must be taken in minimum increments of, for example, a week.
  • On the other hand, your business operations may permit you to allow employees to take vacation time on a day-by-day basis.
  • Some businesses may close down for a week or two at a certain time of the year, and that period is everyone’s vacation time off.

Regardless of what best suits your business, you should definitely.have a policy in place. A policy can also help you avoid running afoul of any anti-discrimination employment laws. As an employer, you generally have much flexibility in determining your vacation policy. You can use a sample vacation policy and tailor it to fit the needs of your business and employees.

Travel Counselors, Inc. offers a unique benefit to employers through their Human Resource administrators. Our Employee Travel Benefit Program provides employees access to first class tours at bargain prices. Our clients offer this benefit to their employees in the same way they offer vacation time, insurance or any other standard benefit. The key to this benefit is that there is absolutely no cost to the employer. With a minimum of effort you can offer this unique benefit to your current employees and perhaps more importantly to prospective employees. Something as unique as a Travel Program can put your company way ahead of others in competition for quality personnel.

The Employee Travel Benefit Program is a wonderful opportunity for members to experience international travel at greatly discounted prices. Each year Travel Counselors offers two international travel opportunities for staff, faculty, retirees and their families or guests of an Employee Travel Benefit participant. Most of these trips are one week in length, though many times travelers may add-on additional days and locations through an optional extension that may be offered. The travel program is open to current staff, faculty, retirees and their families and guests. Volunteers and others who are affiliated with the organization are also eligible to participate.


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