World Diplomatic Summit 2019 Nepal

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16/10/2019 - 17/10/2019 (All Day)
Kathmandu, Nepal


Theme for the Nepal Summit, which we opted to be “preparing the Youth towards future leadership, diplomacy and governance for the achievement of the SDG Goals. The event shall gather hundreds of Young Leaders and Delegations from around the world, who will come to discuss the most pressing issues facing the progress of the Youth and the world, and hence share common interest in practical solutions for sustainable development Goals through global ideas.

We will focus exclusively on the most important development and challenges of our time. Our vision is ambitious, which is nothing less than to reshape the World through the Sustainable development Goals, especially to better the lives of the Youth and Young People globally with 2030 agenda of the United Nations. The event will take place in Nepal, on favorable days in October 2019.

Our partners shall include the United Nations agencies in Nepal, the Millennium Promise Alliance, The Nepal Government, and many other organizations around the world. We expect several hundred of people from Governments sectors and the diplomatic Missions to participate, including if not less the World Leaders and other dignitaries. Additionally, the event will feature leading International Organizations and Agencies, academic institutions, Youth-Led NGOs, from Africa, Europe and America



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